Create a Healthy House for a Healthy New Year!

by on January 11, 2012

Many times, we think of health as just diet and exercise. True, one must concentrate on these things to live a healthy life. Your home maintenance however is equally important to your long term health and also to your pocket book (lifestyle). Here are three things you can do to create or improve a healthy home lifestyle.

Floor covering: Carpet is one of the big offenders if you have this type of floor covering in your home. Your carpet is a dust, dirt and critter magnet. Have you carpets deep cleaned at least once every two years – vacuumed at least twice a month? Can’t stand carpet? Replace your carpet with an easier covering to clean, like tile, vinyl, wood, or linoleum.

Heat and Air Conditioning: Your home AC system “breaths” just like you do. Change your air filter once a month and have your system inspected and cleaned once a year. You’ll breath better when your AC system is breathing better!

Last but not least, your water supply. The county I live in is notorious for its “hard” water in some areas. Hard water has hard minerals in it, such as iron, that corrode your pipes, and lime which creates that “soap scum” on your shower stall. As you may know, this can turn your weekly housekeeping chores into major cleaning jobs, not to mention what these hard mineral deposits are doing to your body from your drinking water to every shower you take. Get a decent water filtration system for your home so you can feel confident about drinking healthy water. (Oh, one last tip for your bathroom shower glass. Keep a sponge close by with some lemon oil and wipe down your glass once a week. You’ll notice the lime scale film disappear within a couple of weeks.)

I’m sure you will see some results in doing these things to create a healthy house this year. These are also some of the things you need to do before putting your house on the market. For a free guide on home selling, send me an email with “Free Selling Guide” in your subject line and I’ll send it to you right away!

Make it one of your new year’s resolutions to have a healthy house to go along with your new 2012 healthy lifestyle!

To your health!



Patrick Thurmond – One of Central Florida’s top producing Realtors has 14 years experience in selling residential and light commercial real estate. Also, know as one of the areas top short sale agents. Are you upside down on your home mortgage? Contact Patrick for a 30 free consultation.

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