Top News Stories of the Week

September 24, 2011

Tweet Foreclosures – going up or down? What’s up with Gold this week (or should I say down?) Housing sales had an uptick in August but down in September. Prices remain flat…. Ugh! (See my commentary at the end.) Here’s a handful of interesting stories from this past week…. ************** Smart Real Estate News & […]

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Hot off the press…

August 29, 2011

Tweet Short sales are up. Foreclosure inventory remains stagnant. Lenders tighten their grip on money. Consumer spending is up. Inflation makes the news. Its all a mixed bag at the beginning of a new week. (Chris McLaughlin, top short sale & foreclosure attorney says there may be deals to be had on short sale homes […]

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Picking the right mortgage loan – Repaying the loan without causing strain on your wallet

August 26, 2011

Tweet If you are thinking about purchasing a home, it is most likely that you’ll be hunting for a mortgage loan as a financing option. Rarely do buyers have the capability to pay the lump sum amount needed to purchase a home out-of-pocket. Banks and other financial institutions usually lend you money (a mortgage loan) […]

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The National Debt Ceiling – What do you think?

May 16, 2011

Tweet The National Debt Ceiling has become the latest wedge for the two popular political parties. Unfortunately, we have yet another election season, coming way to early in my opinion.  Not that our national debt is becoming more and more a serious issue which must be dealt with, but after doing a little homework on my […]

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The week at a glance…

January 14, 2011

Tweet Well, it has been an interesting week if you have been paying attention to US politics. I found it all quite distasteful and disgusting. But that ain’t what I’m here to talk about today. Here are some of the week’s highlights in business, real estate, mortgage and banking. Some of it is rather good, some not […]

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Housing recovery….

January 7, 2011

Tweet Not until 2032? “Patrick! You’re kidding, right?” Some housing markets, those hit hardest, probably won’t recover for 20 years, so opines Celia Chen in the article below. (I am quite a bit more optimistic.)  Agreed, some pockets of the market may well languish into 2032, given prerun-up prices (2003 – 07) averaged an annual inflation rate […]

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News You Can Use

January 5, 2011

Tweet Although it looks like holiday spending was up, it really didn’t count toward improving the economy. I believe that improving the housing market along with the jobs market is the only way to having a solid economic recovery. Please pray for both…. Here is a Daily update from my friend and Real Estate Broker, […]

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Foreclosure Grapevine

December 1, 2010

Tweet Foreclosure filings fall. Oh really? I just got off the phone with my secret source, the Queen of Short Sales in Central Florida, aka J-La. I called her to ask why I’m not seeing new foreclosure filings in November. It seems that this is the time of year banks do a little housekeeping and […]

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Continue to brace yourself.

November 10, 2010

Tweet predicts continued price declines. Although DSnews service sees a continuing slide in home prices, I believe that many areas have hit bottom and are stabilizing. (Link below.) Well, its another week of real estate. Even with a really poor economy, we continue to find buyers for the unusually high inventories of homes for […]

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Is it time yet?

November 7, 2010

Tweet Did you set your clock back last night? I set one, that one being my alarm clock. Then as the day progressed, I turn all of my other clocks back one by one. I find it rather amusing though that our government seems to think that making us change our clocks twice a year […]

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